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Liberal Studies


Terrie Epstein

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Common Core; Comprehensive; English; Exam; High School; Regents


The arrival of the Common Core Curriculum has brought many changes into the educational world. These changes have been subtle in some cases and controversial in others. Much of the controversy lies in the testing policies put forward by the proponents of this new era in educational policy. In this thesis, I examine the causes, effects and value of one new test in particular: the new Common Core English Regents. Created by the New York State Board of Regents, this exam now functions as one of the benchmarks that students need to reach in order to obtain a high school diploma. But is that ultimately a good thing? Is the test now being offered to students testing them in ways that guarantee that they are college and career ready? My argument is that it does not. Looking at the history of the Common Core Curriculum, including its birth, implementation, and impact on test takers, I dissect this new exam and examine its standards and come to the conclusion that the Common Core English Regents does not meet the goals it sets for challenging students; instead, it undermines its own efforts by offering students less diverse and rigorous material.

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