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Capstone Project

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Barbara Weinstein

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Other Medicine and Health Sciences | Psychiatry and Psychology


tinnitus, anxiety, depression, self-report, counseling, medication


The purpose of this systematic literature review was to examine the current literature evidence pertaining to the relationship between tinnitus and psychological and psychiatric comorbidities. Literature was found discussing the prevalence of tinnitus with psychological and psychiatric comorbidities, differences in self-reports, and whether the perception of tinnitus is aided with the use of psychological counseling and psychotropic medications. Relative search strings applied to Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL), Medline Complete, and PubMed identified studies to be included in this review. (Will put total amount of studies found once collected). An assessment of all research literature found revealed a high prevalence of individuals with anxiety of depression that were also suffering from severe tinnitus. Limited research was found regarding the differences in self-reports of tinnitus severity in relation to etiology and comorbidity. Further research is needed regarding this area in the future. However, research results did show perceived improvement in the presence of tinnitus when these individuals were treated using counseling and psychotropic medications.



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