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Michael Grossman

Committee Members

Michael Grossman

David A. Jaeger

Theodore J. Joyce

Subject Categories

Economics | Health Economics | Public Economics


Economics of Crime, Recidivism, Health Economics, Infant Health, Alcohol Consumption, Post-and-Hold Laws


As Forrest Gump has ever eloquently pointed out: stupid is as stupid does. It turns out that most people engage in behavior that could reasonably be considered stupid, or at least risky. People overeat, chain-smoke cigarettes, drink excessively, consume harmful drugs, and drive too fast; if worst comes to worst they do some of these things simultaneously. This work evaluates three policy measures that are designed to promote health and less risky behavior: I evaluate the effects of penalties for speeding transgressions on future driving behavior, the effects of low emission zones on infant health and air pollution, and the effects of post-and-hold laws on alcohol consumption.



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