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Capstone Project

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Barbara E Weinstein

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Brett Martin

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Counselor Education | Health Communication | Public Health | Public Health Education and Promotion | Speech Pathology and Audiology


Health literacy, Audiology, Hearing Loss


The Patient-Centered Health Literacy Toolkit for Audiology & Hearing Loss (‘HH Lit Kit’) represents four years of inquiry into health literacy and Patient-Centered Care (PCC) in audiology. While awareness of health literacy continues to gain momentum in medicine and public health, there is a paucity of information on PCC and health literacy in audiology.

Low health literacy is linked to poorer health and poorer quality of life. Patients with hearing loss are at high risk for low health literacy. This presents a major concern because hearing loss affects the way information is processed, retained, and applied. Gaps have been identified in the literature that highlight the necessity to better provide patients with evidence-based, unbiased counseling, and appropriate treatment options that can be readily understood and acted upon.

The ‘HH Lit Kit’ and accompanying ‘Clinician Guide’ were developed to address these issues using evidence-based and validated resources specific or relevant to the discipline. The main aim of the ‘HH Lit Kit’ is to promote a clinical environment conducive to positive patient outcomes for adults with acquired sensorineural hearing loss and hearing handicap, making it an ideal intervention tool for the private practice, hospital or VA setting.