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Social Welfare


Manny J. Gonzalez

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Roderick Watts

Mary Cavanaugh

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Social Work


mental health, adolescents, informed consent, practitioners, phenomenology, access, utilization


The purpose of this study was to understand the impact of informed consent on the delivery of psychiatric services to adolescents and the way in which mental health practitioners understand and address informed consent in their treatment of adolescents. A key focus of this study examined how informed consent influenced adolescent mental health utilization and retention.

The study sought to explore the following questions: (1) How do practitioners understand adolescent informed consent? (2) How does informed consent affect adolescent access to mental health treatment and utilization as perceived by practitioners? (3) How do practitioners understand and describe the impact informed consent has on adolescent engagement in mental health treatment? (4) How do practitioners experience the ramifications of informed consent in building a therapeutic relationship with adolescents?

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