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Abhijit Champanerkar

Committee Members

Ara Basmajian

Abhijit Champanerkar

Ilya Kofman

John Voight

Subject Categories

Geometry and Topology


Macfarlane, arithmetic invariants, Dirichlet domains, hyperbolic surfaces, quaternion algebras, hyperbolic 3-manifolds


I use a classical idea of Macfarlane to obtain a complex quaternion model for hyperbolic 3-space and its group of orientation-preserving isometries, analogous to Hamilton’s famous result on Euclidean rotations. I generalize this to quaternion models over number fields for the action of Kleinian groups on hyperbolic 3-space, using arithmetic invariants of the corresponding hyperbolic 3-manifolds. The class of manifolds to which this technique applies includes all cusped arithmetic manifolds and infinitely many commensurability classes of cusped non-arithmetic, compact arithmetic, and compact non-arithmetic manifolds. I obtain analogous results for actions of Fuchsian groups on the hyperbolic plane. I develop new tools to study such manifolds, and then focus on a new algorithm for computing their Dirichlet domains.



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