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Charles Michael Drain


Jan Grimm

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Lynn Francesconi

Stephen O'Brien

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Materials Chemistry | Radiochemistry


Radiolabeling, Nanoparticles, Ionizing Radiation, Imaging, Positron Emission Tomography


Nanoparticles are often combined with radionuclides for various applications, ranging from waste remediation to imaging and therapy in the medical field. The overarching aim of this body of work is two-fold. The first aim is development of new radiolabeling methods for various nanoparticles that allow stable attachment of a variety of imaging and therapeutic radionuclides. The second portion more fully describes mechanisms of interaction between ionizing radiation and nanoparticles.

The following advancements will be presented in this dissertation: i) a new radiolabeling method for silica and silica-based nanoparticles that does not require the use of specific chelators, with both radiochemical and in vivo evaluation; ii) new chelator-free radiolabeling methods for multimodal nanoparticles; and iii) investigation into mechanisms of interaction between ionizing radiation and a library of nanoparticles, leading to visible and high-energy photon flux modulation. While the primary focus of this work is for medical applications, these methods may also show use in other fields such as remediation and storage of radioactive waste. These potential applications and future directions are discussed in the conclusions section.

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