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Denise Hien

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Elliot Jurist

Philip Yanos

Eric Fertuck

Diana Punales

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Clinical Psychology


cognitive behavior therapy; posttraumatic stress disorder; implementation; dissemination; Assertive Community Treatment


Most individuals receiving mental health care do not have access to evidence-based psychological treatments, regardless of psychological disorder. Despite the development of effective evidence based treatments and available training, clinician uptake and adherence to such treatments has been low. In this study, the effectiveness of a trauma treatment training model was evaluated through a quasi-experimental design to better inform and address the gap between the existence of evidence based care and lack of evidence based treatment options available in the community. Specifically, data from 23 Assertive Community Treatment Teams in NYC that underwent a 1-day ICBT training along with 12-month data collection with optional added supervision was analyzed to determine the benefits that the group that received the added supervision received. Of the 23 teams, 12 opted for added supervision (i.e., Master Training). Results indicate a potential benefit of supervisory calls on increasing the number of ICBT sessions provided. However, teams that had added supervision did not have better clinical outcomes on average when compared to teams that did not have the added supervision.