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Emily Jones

Committee Members

Nancy Hemmes

Daniel Fienup

Kathleen Feeley

Joanna Cosbey

Subject Categories

Applied Behavior Analysis


Infants, Down syndrome, Exploratory Motor Behavior, Applied Behavior Analysis, Motor Development, Cognitive Development


Exploratory Motor (EM) behavior refers to manipulating a toy in the hand(s). Infants with Down syndrome demonstrate significant impairments in the duration and frequency of EM behavior compared to their typically developing counterparts. A behavior analytic intervention involving multiple opportunities, prompting, and social reinforcement was used to teach three infants with Down syndrome between 4-9 months of age to emit EM behavior. Results indicate that all three infants with Down syndrome emitted the three EM target behaviors to mastery and demonstrated generalized responding across stimuli and other EM behaviors. The importance of these findings in addressing impairments in infants with Down syndrome, caregivers’ perceptions of intervention, and collateral changes in related skill areas are discussed.



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