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Elisabeth Brauner

Committee Members

Cheryl Carmichael

Jennifer Feitosa

Christine Gockel

Aaron Kozbelt

Subject Categories

Industrial and Organizational Psychology


transactive memory, transactive knowledge, leadership, shared leadership, knowledge sharing, team effectiveness


This dissertation examines relationships between transactive memory and transactive knowledge systems, shared leadership style, and team effectiveness. Transactive memory as mediator, perspective-taking and motivation as moderators, and temporal development of transactive memory are also examined. Two studies tested an IMOI model of relationships in a longitudinal field study of students in teams and in an on-line cross-sectional sample of working adults in the United States. Study 1 and 2 provided support for shared leadership style as predictive of transactive memory, and for shared leadership style and transactive memory as predictive of team effectiveness. Both studies support transactive memory and transactive knowledge systems as mediating the relationship between shared leadership style and team effectiveness. No support emerged for perspective-taking or motivation as moderators or for situational factors influencing transactive knowledge systems over time. Findings indicate that situational factors influence emergent team cognitive structures, such as transactive memory, consequently influencing team effectiveness outcomes. Multilevel Linear Models, Study 1. Amazon Mechanical Turks, Study 2.



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