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Liberal Studies


Professor David Forbes

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Liberal Studies


Evolution of Consciousness, Nature of Information, Stages of Development, Problem of Free Will, Great Nest of Being, Positive Psychology, Integral Theory, Unity of Religions


This thesis puts into sharp focus the nature of war, violence, and conflict in contemporary societies through interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, contextual, textual, political and historical prisms. Echoing my existential angst, as a meaning-seeking student of life, the thesis also examines the predicaments, quandaries and the resultant miasma in order to understand the fundamental causes behind violence in the human condition. The thesis also attempts to demonstrate the paradoxical and deeply humane scope for peace along with the pursuit of what is true, good, and beautiful, and a realization of a higher order consciousness, knowing and being, and moral thinking, with an altruistic vision. Finally, it offers my personal educational horizon clamoring for restitution of pertinent pedagogies with integrated secular and sacred epistemologies echoing a voice across time and bridging cultures.