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Capstone Project

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Liberal Studies


Luke Waltzer

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American Studies | Digital Humanities | History | United States History


Spatial History, Historical Geography


This project seeks to investigate the development of the Habermasian public sphere in Columbia County, NY, during the rapid expansion of railway transportation from the middle- to the late-19th century, by gathering and presenting information about the proliferation of railway stations and select public institutions between 1840 and 1900. In charting the spread of area libraries, newspapers, post offices, and churches during this period, this project utilizes and combines methodological approaches taken by a number of landmark recent studies in historical geography and digital history; in so doing, it prototypes the research and pedagogical value and promise of incorporating an array of practices within a single study. Ultimately, this project posits that a spatial understanding of the emergence, colocation, and interaction of these public institutions opens up new lines of inquiry into how residents of Columbia County, NY, experienced and influenced radical change during industrialization. The digital component can be found at

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