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Loren J. Naidoo

Committee Members

Harold Goldstein

Charles Scherbaum

Seymour Adler

Rob Silzer

Subject Categories

Industrial and Organizational Psychology


Goal orientation, informal learning, managerial job performance, learning strategies, learning motivation


The purpose of this study was to test a theoretical model of the role of informal managerial learning processes in predicting job performance. Using Goal Orientation (GO) as a framework, this study tested the relationships between dispositional GO, learning strategies, and organizational and managerial support in relation to job performance. Participants were 143 employees across several global regions in an insurance firm. Overall, path analyses indicated that dispositional mastery GO was positively associated with learning strategies and job performance. Contrary to hypotheses, the learning strategies did not positively predict job performance. Differential effects were found for the influence of organizational and managerial support on learning strategies as organizational was found to positively predict active feedback seeking and negatively predict effort regulation, while managerial support negatively predicted active feedback seeking. Research and organizational implications are discussed.



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