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N. John Hall

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Michael Timko

Wendell Stacy Johnson

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English Language and Literature


Frances Milton Trollope (1779-1863) was one of the most popular novelists and travel writers of her generation. Her visit to the United States (1827-32) provided her with material for her first and most famous book, Domestic Manners of the Americans (1832), and for four novels set in America (The Refugee in America, 1832; Jonathan Jefferson Whitlaw, 1836; The Barnabys in America, 1842; and The Old World and the New, 1849).

This study treats all four American novels, examining them against a background of other travellers' accounts and against other fiction of the early nineteenth century in order to show how Mrs. Trollope fictionalized her experiences, partly in an attempt to conform to the political and aesthetic values of her contemporaries and partly to reflect her own, less conventional, outlook.


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