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Maxine Wolfe

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Gary Winkel

William Kornblum

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This is a case study about social and economic changes in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Since the 1960's communities in New York City have been undergoing the process of deterioration and abandonment, or alternatively, the conversion of homes and warehouses for upper income families in high rent districts. In Park Slope both of these trends have been occurring. This study aims through an examination of a single community to provide both a comprehensive and comprehensible account of the process of neighborhood change in New York City.

This research describes the pattern of change in Park Slope within the context of the changing political and economic structure of New York City. It proceeds with a theoretical chapter on the stages of change in cities of the United States, and next a historical account of these changes in New York City since 1786. These are followed by chapters on the development of Park Slope since 1850, a detailed description of Park Slope's real estate market since 1965, and the results of interviews with residents on their beliefs about change in the community.


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