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Lucien Szpiro

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Raymond Hoobler

Alphonse Vasquez

Ian Morrison

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In this dissertation we study splitting of vector bundles of small rank on punctured spectrum of regular local rings. We give a splitting criterion for vector bundles of small rank in terms of vanishing of their intermediate cohomology modules Hi(U, E)2_i_n−3, where n is the dimension of the regular local ring. This is the local analog of a result by N. Mohan Kumar, C. Peterson, and A. Prabhakar Rao for splitting of vector bundles of small rank on projective spaces.

As an application we give a positive answer (in a special case) to a conjecture of R. Hartshorne asserting that certain quotients of regular local rings have to be complete intersections. More precisely we prove that if (R, m) is a regular local ring of dimension at least five, p is a prime ideal of codimension two, and the ring Γ (V, R/p) is Gorenstein, where V is the open set Spec(R/p) − {m}, then R/p is a complete intersection.


Digital reproduction from the UMI microform.

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