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Stephen Gould

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David Luna

Sunaina Chugani

Sara Williamson

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Business | Marketing | Social and Behavioral Sciences


sensory marketing, brand names, consumer linguistics, brand name spelling


Introducing the importance of unusual brand name spelling to sensory marketing, this research shows that utilizing the linguistic device of unique brand name spelling can lead to differences in sensory perceptions and actual consumption of a variety of consumer products. Across five studies, we explore how perceptions of the uniqueness of a brand name can be achieved by varying one letter in the spelling of the brand name, and that such a small variation can result in less favorable sensory perceptions of taste (studies 1 and 3), scent (study 2), and vision (studies 4 and 5) as a result of brand name disfluency. We provide evidence that changes in cognitive processing (studies 3-5) and affective processing (study 5) contribute to the underlying process of this effect and demonstrate how the effect can be moderated by inducing concrete thinking (studies 4-5).

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