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Liberal Studies


Eugenia Paulicelli

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Digital Humanities | Fashion Design | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Visual Studies


Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita is a cinematic masterpiece that has inspired nationally and internationally generations of creative people and artists because of the extent of its themes and because of the mastery in the choice of its costumes. The actuality of the director’s criticism towards the decadent society of his years, the originality of his stylistic choices, and his sophisticated taste for beauty and fashion, brought him to influence media and contemporary fashion then and now. There are numerous examples of television commercials that Fellini directs and produces for purely commercial purposes. They are all critique of his society, but yet a visible expression of modernity in their style, and an unending influence in advertising. His work expresses the desire for a national identity, the desire for a materialization of Italian Style that still today inspires designers that follow that idea of Italianism, which Fellini achieved. The inspiration has been explicit for some brands who imitated his style, words and locations, and not explicit for those artists who considered La Dolce Vita as contemporary significance in the construction of their own identity.