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Liberal Studies


Sophia Perdikaris

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Business and Corporate Communications | Business Law, Public Responsibility, and Ethics | Environmental Studies | Growth and Development | Health Economics | Regional Economics


environment, sustainable development, green energy, sustainable energy, carbon-free


This paper explains why renewable energy is a prerequisite for sustainable development. The development of renewable energy sources is important because renewable energy sources have a very important role in reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, eradicate poverty and increase the employment rate. In the first section the paper introduces renewable energy sources. The focus is on the function of solar energy, wind power, biomass, geothermal energy, and hydroelectric energy and their implementation globally. The second part of the paper elaborates on the economic, political, and social aspects for the development of renewable energy sources. The main aspect of economic and political reasons is employment growth and the rise of democracy in developed and undeveloped countries. Employment for each renewable source is analyzed. The social benefit of renewable energy deployment is crucial for the well-being of humanity. Further on, the third section explains discusses renewable energy as a prerequisite for the sustainable development. The focus is on global leaders who have already deployed renewable energy and its technologies. Positive versus negative characteristics of renewable energy are listed, and the impact of green companies on renewable energy deployment is examined.