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Stefano Ghirlanda


Jesse Prinz

Committee Members

Glen Hass

Curtis Hardin

Aaron Kozbelt

Subject Categories

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Moral judgment, Embodied Cognition, Aesthetic judgment, Evaluation, Evaluative perception


In a series of experiments I examine extraneous factors that influence evaluative judgments and perception. Specifically, I focus on two kinds of evaluative states: moral evaluation and aesthetic evaluation. I use the domain of morality to explore the impact of emotions on moral value. I use the domain of art to explore influence of spatial features such as size and position, as well as attributions of fame of artist on aesthetic value. I show ways in which evaluation goes beyond the thing evaluated. I will in addition conclude with some exploratory work on valenced visual object recognition. This relates to the work on moral cognition by showing that emotions can influence perceptual judgment and also extends the general theme of this research by showing another domain where the response to a stimulus may go beyond the thing under consideration.



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