Date of Degree


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Liberal Studies


Susan F. Semel

Subject Categories

Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education


heritage language, intercultural education, multiculturalism, multilingualism


South Korea has long been considered one of the most homogeneous counties not only ethnically but also linguistically. However, over the past few years, it is rapidly becoming ethnically, culturally and linguistically diverse for the influx of foreigners and immigrants.
The purpose of this thesis to study how Korean society deals with the recent change to multicultural population of immigrants, especially in terms of heritage language education. This thesis will begin by providing background information of South Korea, and reviewing a great deal of resistance toward heritage language learning. Then, I will examine some benefits of the heritage language learning not only for the multicultural individuals but also Korean society. Lastly, I will discuss intercultural education and its practice in schools.



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