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Latin American, Iberian and Latino Cultures


Nuria Morgado

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Magdalena Perkowska

Carlos Riobó

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Latin American Literature | Spanish Literature


Configuración del deseo, dialéctica entre el amante y el amado, sinestesia, ausencia, erotismo, puentes líricos transatlánticos


In this study I create a dialogue between two poets, Luis Cernuda from Spain and César Moro from Peru. I use two of their most representative books of poetry, Cernuda’s Los placeres prohibidos and Moro’s La tortuga ecuestre, to study the dialectics that take place between the lover and the beloved. My general hypothesis is that Los placeres prohibidos can be read as a prologue to the lyrical discourse of La tortuga ecuestre. To explore the bridge between these two poetic worlds, I analyze the various mechanisms through which Eros expresses itself.

Drawing on the work of Denis de Rougemont, Roland Barthes, George Bataille, among others, I discuss the expression of Eros through history, through the structure of language, and finally through the prisms of absence, rite, myth and desire.

In considering these two poets in tandem with the above mentioned authors, my thesis fabricates an alternative cartography of desire, and along the way constructs another strategy for the analysis of poetry.