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Latin American, Iberian and Latino Cultures


José del Valle

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Fernando Degiovanni

Magdalena Perkowska

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Anthropological Linguistics and Sociolinguistics | Intellectual History | Political History | Spanish Linguistics


Glotopolítica, Canary Islands, Academia Canaria de la Lengua, Universidad de La Laguna, español atlántico


In this dissertation I intend to analyze the abundance of discourses about the Spanish from the Canary Islands from the 1980’s to present day. I have identified two key processes that are part of the consolidation of an autonomous field of reflection on language in the Canary Islands: the development of descriptive studies of the Spanish spoken in the Canary Islands carried out in the Department of Spanish Language at the Universidad de La Laguna (Tenerife) during the first twenty five years of democracy in Spain, as well as the creation of the Canarian Academy of Language in the year 2000 (Chapter 3). Additionally, I have compiled a textual corpus (Chapter 4) that serves to identify the theory sources of Canarian linguistics, its development in the archipelago, and finally, the identity narrative that was created through the discourse on language.

I have adopted a glottopolitical approach, and thus, I have examined the discourses on language in their relationship with the political and historical context in which they are produced, as shown in Chapter 2. As discussed in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, the development of the State of Autonomies (estado de las autonomías) is crucial to understand the way in which reflections on language are carried out in the Canary Islands.