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David Chapin

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Psychology | Social and Cultural Anthropology


Acculturation, Place, Remigration, Trinidad and Tobago


The purpose of this dissertation is to study migration and remigration of Trinidadians and Tobagonians as it relates to the meaning, experiences, and attachment these individuals have with the different places they have lived. The research questions focus specifically on remigrants who have the choice to return to Trinidad and Tobago or not after long-term residence abroad and why they make the decision to return. Interviews and surveys were used to understand the roles of place identity, place attachment, and place dependence in choosing whether or not to remigrate to Trinidad and Tobago. Participants were asked about their understanding of dominant narratives of immigrants and how these narratives do or do not reflect their own perceptions and experiences of an immigrant's life, thus showing the network of social and geographical connections these immigrants form and the value immigrants bring to the host countries. A key finding is that remigration is not solely an economic decision, but instead infused with the meaning of the Place Attachments, Place Identity and Place Dependence created in the home country. People's migration experiences do not tell the whole story about their decision making process for remigrating. The findings suggest that remigration happens because of the social and cultural connections and place attachment individuals maintain through transnationalism.