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Liberal Studies


Ruth O’Brien

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Women's Studies


work-life balance, workplace, workforce, women and men, gender roles


Gender inequalities may be observed in different fields. When women choose to pursue career growth, they need to be ready to encounter significant challenges to find the balance between their professional and personal lives. This thesis discusses the hypothesis that modern US women occupying executive positions in the field of finance may achieve a work-life balance if certain internal and external factors are taken into consideration and evaluating the situation when women can or cannot achieve a work-life balance. The purpose of this thesis is to examine the role of earning potential in women’s careers as a factor in navigating the conflicting dynamics between career and family without having to make any sacrifices such as relocating or traveling for their career or having less face time with their children. This thesis will explore the background to women’s search for a work-life balance and their approach to inequalities in the workplace and analyze the literary sources published after 2000 about women and their attempts to achieve equality with men in finance.