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Liberal Studies


David Halle

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Arts and Humanities | Life Sciences | Neuroscience and Neurobiology | Physics | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Systems Neuroscience


A Realization Of Modernity, Strokes Of Existence, Makiguchi, Narrative Psychology, Consciousness, Ion, Acting, Connectivity, Film, Spectator Theory, Archaeology


My stated goal in applying to The Graduate Center was to explore my previous research in diverse fields of study. This research, the result of a formal investigation of acting, was and still is centrally focused on the subject of relationship itself, relationships being what actors create. In pursuit of a greater understanding of the essential nature of relationship in practical terms, a self-organizing complex system that constitutes universal relationship was unexpectedly discovered. As such, this system has been shown to offer solutions to many outstanding problems in diverse areas of study. The Liberal Studies program track, Approaches to Modernity, offered an ideal opportunity for me to further explore this work in different contexts because modernity has diverse meanings that span a multidisciplinary spectrum that includes history, philosophy, the arts and sciences, and religion. To reflect this effort, a different topic is addressed in each chapter, focusing on subjects that pertain to relationships in contexts of connectivity and time, for purposes of both contributing to the subject of modernity, and to add to the value of my work.