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Liberal Studies


Matthew K. Gold

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Databases and Information Systems | Social and Cultural Anthropology | United States History


Bassnectar, Digital Humanities, Digital Technology, dubstep, Networks, Social Media


Using dubstep DJ Bassnectar as a case-study example, this thesis explores the impact of social networks and mobile connectivity. As evidenced by Bassnectar's digitally based approach to experiencing, distributing, and consuming music, these developments have contributed to the shift to a new model I describe as Networked Culture.

Figure 1 is a video highlighting the Bassnectar concert experience. Figure 2 is an audio clip illustrating the "drop" in dubstep. Figure 3 is another audio clip demonstrating the dubstep sound. Figure 4 is an image of an Ableton Live sound library. Figure 5 is an image of Ableton Live's functionality. Figure 6 is an image of Bassnectar's Twitter feed. Figure 7 is an image of Bassnectar's Facebook feed. Figure 8 contains an image of Bassnectar's website. Figure 9 contains an image of Bassnectar's SoundCloud feed.