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Steve G. Greenbaum

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Sophia N. Suarez

Neepa T. Maitra

Yuhang Ren

J.R.P. Jayakody

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Other Physics


Physics, NMR, Batteries, Li-ion Batteries, Diffusion NMR, Anode, Cathode, Electrolyte, Spectroscopy


In this thesis, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopic techniques are used to study lithium electrode and electrolyte materials for advanced rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Three projects are described in this thesis. The first involves 23Na and 37Al static and magic angle spinning NMR studies of NaAlH4/C anode materials for advanced rechargeable batteries. The second project is a study of paramagnetic lithium transition-metal phosphate cathode materials for Li-ion batteries, where 7Li, and 31P single crystal NMR was used in order to obtain detailed information on the local electronic and magnetic environments. The third project investigates the dynamics and motional properties of PS-PEO (16-16)/LiTFSI, a solid electrolyte material, through pulse field gradient NMR.

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