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Steven Baumann


Donna Nickitas

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Arlene Farren

Anthony Picciano

Keville Frederickson

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Nursing | Other Nursing


respect, disrespect, workplace


The purpose of this study is to explore the lived experience of feeling disrespected. The participants were registered professional nurses, with at least two years of clinical experience. A phenomenological approach utilizing Giorgi’s method was used to analyze the data and interpret the findings for this study. New knowledge about feeling disrespected contributes to nursing science and may help nurses and organizations that employ them, provide a healthy work environment that supports and retain them. The experience of feeling disrespected was illuminated by the following themes; “Powerless, feeling like a “nobody,” treated like you are “stupid,” utter discouragement and broken connections. The themes that emerged will help nurses understand the importance of respecting those whom we care for and work with. Parse’s Theory of Humanbecoming was used to reflect on the findings in light of the humanbecoming, dignity and living quality that is affected when nurses feel disrespected. Feeling disrespected is utter discouragement, arising with speaking up-remaining silent, the visible-becoming invisible,

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