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Liberal Studies


Eugenia Paulicelli

Subject Categories

Art and Materials Conservation | History | History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology | Other History


1920s, fashion, fashion studies, flappers, modernism


This study aimed to analyze the key characteristics of flapper fashion, which shaped the American fashion scene in the 1920s, and to review how this trend reflected the society at that time, which was changing fast in terms of the society, economy, and culture. Towards this end, comprehensive scanning of flapper-related images found in a variety of media at the time was done, and it was revealed that flapper fashion indeed reflected the prominent changes in women's role in the society in compliance with the early-20th-century modernity, which was a far cry from the traditions, while at the same time differentiating the images of new women as opposed to those found in the 19th-century conservative women from the Victorian Age.



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