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Liberal Studies


Karen Miller

Subject Categories

Agricultural and Resource Economics | Food Studies | International Economics | Political Economy | Science and Technology Studies


Precision agriculture, Vertical farming, Corporate food regime, Ideology, Neoliberalism, Rationalization


Agriculture in the 21st century has entered a digital age. New technologies emphasize GPS, big data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, automation, sensors, and robotics, contributing to two modes of modern food production known as precision agriculture and vertical farming. Through an interdisciplinary review of scientific and social scientific scholarship, this paper examines the ways in which these two technologies interact with the global corporate food regime and explores their impact in core, peripheral, and semi-peripheral countries. It also engages in a discourse analysis of promotional materials and interview statements from precision agriculture and vertical farming firms to expose the ideological trends behind the development of these technologies, namely neoliberalism, rationalization, and green capitalism.



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