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Latin American, Iberian and Latino Cultures


Malva E. Filer

Committee Members

Silvia Dapía

Nora Glickman

Margaret E. Crahan

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Latin American Literature | Modern Languages


spanish, tango, popular cultura, nostalgia, intertextuality, identity


The aim of this doctoral thesis is to show that Tango as scenario, background, atmosphere or lending its stanzas and language, helps determine the tone and even the sentiment of disappointment and nostalgia, which are in much of Argentine recent narrative. In addition, this thesis aims, to answer questions like: How is it possible for Tango to transform itself into a literary component, and to be considered essential to Argentinean identity? Which of its characteristics allow it to provide literary language, atmosphere and even inspiration to the narrative’s creative process? How is the intertextual dialogue between its lyrics and the examined works? What is the connection between Tango and the city where it reveals itself?