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Joseph Straus

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David Schober

Norman Carey

Daniel Phillips

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Music | Music Education | Musicology | Music Pedagogy | Music Performance | Music Practice | Music Theory


Elliott Carter, Four Lauds, Solo Violin


Elliott Carter was one of the most influential composers of the past century, leaving a diverse and prolific body of over 150 works to posterity. Along with the Violin Concerto and “Mnemosyné,” the Four Lauds are the only works written for solo violin. Literature on these pieces is not extensive thus far, and this dissertation will provide an introduction to any student who is interested in learning about Carter’s violin music. In the first chapter, I will discuss relevant aspects of Carter’s musical language such as his use of all-trichord hexachord, all-interval trichord, complement union property, and his ideas on time. Then I will study each Laud in the following four chapters using a dialogue form between teacher and student, bringing together elements of performance, theory, and pedagogy.



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