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Liberal Studies


Regina Miranda

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Multicultural Psychology


Acculturation, Suicidal Ideation, Depression, Hopelessness, Asian American, Subgroups


Ethnic and racial differences have been acknowledged in the relationship between culture and psychopathology, and acculturation has been associated with risk for suicidal ideation. The present paper examined the relation between acculturation and the correlates of suicide (i.e., hopelessness, depression) among Asian subgroups. Because an emphasis on Asians as a homogenous group obfuscates important ethnic differences that may influence risk for suicide, the present paper sought to highlight differences in risk for suicide among different Asian subgroups. This paper is divided into seven sections that address the role of acculturation and cultural values, norms, and beliefs on the correlates of suicide. The history of Asian immigration to the United States is examined to understand the impact of the acculturation process on suicide trends among Asian subgroups. Next, the paper examines how cultural values among the Asian community impact acculturation as well as the need to increase mental health attention and assistance in this group. Lastly, the paper examines the role of acculturation on correlates of suicide (i.e., depression, hopelessness) to understand a culturally relevant factor that has largely been understudied among Asian subgroups. The influence of racial and ethnic differences on cultural beliefs and values should be reflected in suicide prevention and treatment programs among Asian American young adults.