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Catherine Alicia Georges

Committee Members

Donna Nickitas

Martha Wetsell

Donald Robotham

Hermi Hewitt

Cassandra Dobson

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Medical Education | Medicine and Health Sciences


inter-professional relationship, migration, Jamaican nurses, and professional practice environment.


The purpose of the study was to ascertain why Jamaican nurses intent to migrate internationally. Six Jamaican black female nurses, graduates of both private and public nursing schools, with one-five years work experience in both private and public institutions, participated in the study. A single unit case study design was used to collect the subjective data via face-to-face interviews. Themes in the data were assessed through the professional environment framework. The findings suggested a breakdown in the professional environment, which led Jamaican nurses to intend to migrate internationally. Recommendations included improvement to the professional environment through policies that explore diverse possibilities for improving the financial and general welfareof Jamaican nurses, i.e., encourage the utilization of different models of care in Jamaica, more research by Jamaican nurses, the use of technology in healthcare, improvement in the health literacy of Jamaicans, and the collaboration of various government departments. These recommendations should be considered when improving the professional practice environment, so that more nurses might remain in Jamaica’s health care system.