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Stephen J. Gould

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Advertising and Promotion Management | Marketing


cause-related marketing, conspicuous, donation, identity, signaling


Conspicuous compassion is one type of prosocial behavior that involves the purchase and wearing of merchandise that supports a cause. This research considers the effects that conspicuous compassion has on signaling to others and signaling to the self and the factors that influence these types of signaling. This research shows that self-signaling is influenced more by whether the merchandise supported (vs. did not support) a cause, while other-signaling is more influenced by the public (vs. private) dimension of the message on the merchandise. This research also examines a two-path model of the effects of conspicuous compassion on subsequent charitable behavior, through both self-signaling and other-signaling. Two boundary conditions, individuals' self-importance of symbolization moral identity and the differences between the purchasing and wearing components of conspicuous compassion, are also examined.



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