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Urban Education


Irina Lyublinskaya

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Nelly Tournaki

Anthony Picciano

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Elementary Education and Teaching | Science and Mathematics Education | Special Education and Teaching


TPACK, Pre-service Teacher Education, Special Education, Educational Technology


This dissertation presents findings of three studies investigating the development and transfer of TPACK of pre-service and in-service elementary school special education teachers. The dissertation is presented in a non-traditional format including an introduction, three manuscripts submitted for journal publication, and a summary chapter. The purpose of the first study was to analyze development of TPACK of pre-service elementary special education teachers enrolled in a graduate level pedagogy course Integrating Technology in Mathematics and Science Instruction in Special Education and Inclusive Classrooms in a New York City public college. The study’s research question was to find out whether the TPACK- based course affects TPACK and basic TPACK domains of pre-service special education teachers’ knowledge: TK – technological knowledge, PK – pedagogical knowledge, and CK – content knowledge. The paired sample t-test indicated significant gains in teachers’ TPACK, however there were no significant changes in PK, TK and CK. The first study raised questions of whether the TPACK basic domains are independent of the TPACK domain. The purpose of the second study was to investigate the question raised in the first study i.e., whether TK, PK, and CK are independent constructs in the TPACK framework and to develop instruments for assessing the basic domains of the TPACK. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses suggested that the TPACK construct is independent from TK, PK, and CK. Multiple linear regression showed that TK, PK and CK are not predictors of the TPACK for this population. The purpose of the third study was to analyze TPACK development and a learning trajectory of a single pre-service elementary special education teacher and TPACK transfer from this course to the teaching during the induction to teaching year. It was noted that the graduate pedagogy course played a critical role in developing pre-service teacher’s TPACK. The study suggested several internal (teacher’s attitude towards using technology and preparedness – teacher’s comfort with using technology) and external (access to technology and school support) factors affecting transfer of teacher’s TPACK from her pre-service to in-service teaching experience.