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Liberal Studies


Anna Stetsenko

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In the United States, low-income Latino immigrant students of all ages struggle to find equal educational opportunities due to structural social, economic and cultural barriers. Educational inequality in American urban areas remains as a consequence of socioeconomic constructed structural barriers and strong social and cultural disconnections between the educational system and underrepresented low-income minority social groups. Social, cultural and educational disconnections and inequalities can be challenged by creating third spaces to encourage the development of marginalized students' voices for participation and discourse, as well as creating cooperation and collaboration between educators and learners. Educational institutions have not been able to fully develop the voices of marginalized Latino students for social and educational participation, or to empower their communities with significant social and educational leadership. This thesis paper argues that public and private educational institutions can learn from community nonprofit organizations committed to social justice that integrate marginalized students through educational spaces for their social and educational development. The present research suggests that underrepresented Latino immigrant students improve their social and educational development in educational spaces where they find opportunities to participate in the discourses and debates on education.

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