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Political Science


John Wallach

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Food Studies | Political Theory


Food Politics, Democratic Food Sources, Food Distancing, Food System Politics, Neoliberal Food Regime, Food Sovereignty Regime


This analysis will explore the theoretical underpinnings of the neoliberal food regime in relation to American democracy, and how an alternative food regime of food sovereignty may help to expand American democracy. The latter regime has an integrative approach to promote democracy through realigning the food system with collective decisions at its base instead of distancing the people from food and providing the opportunity for a self-ruling demos to collectively govern. Food sovereignty with its processes of participation, community responsibility, and self-determinism may challenge the current American democracy by using the framework of food regime theory. In the conclusion of this analysis are examples of policy options that can better integrate food sovereignty into the American democratic system and vice versa. The aim of this investigation is to utilize food regime theory to understand food sovereignty as a regime type that may enhance our current American democracy. A concept for food regimes that may offer democratic tenets many hold dear to their notions of American democracy such as sovereignty, participation, collective will, and individual freedom.