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Liberal Studies


Tomohisa Hattori


This thesis, “Agricultural Cooperatives in the United States and Nepal: A Comparative Study,” assesses the historical development of agricultural cooperatives, comparing and contrasting the agricultural cooperatives of two distinct economies. It aims to answer a very general question: How have the agricultural cooperatives in the United States and Nepal been formed and operated? More specifically, Chapter 2 will examine how agricultural cooperatives in the United States and Nepal have emerged and evolved. Chapter 3 will discuss how the cooperatives developed such functions as new crop introduction, encouragement of cash crops and seeds or farming techniques, extension services, credit provisions, joint marketing, and quality control of production. This thesis is a library research, covering well over 150 years of agricultural cooperatives in the United States and over 60 years in Nepal on agricultural cooperatives among the most developed and the least developed country of the world. Its main finding is that agricultural cooperatives in Nepal have primarily focused on the diversification and commercialization of subsistence agriculture, whereas in the United States agricultural cooperatives have been more concerned about the supply of farm inputs and the marketing of farm products.