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Liberal Studies


Carrie Hintz

Subject Categories

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies


Gay, Lesbian, Magazine, Magazines, Travel


The first half of this thesis will detail the history of travel, as well as the primary reasons why people travel and why it is such a lucrative industry. This will be followed by an account of the history of travel writing, with a specific emphasis on the various types of avenues available to travel writers and the reasons why people feel compelled to write about their travels. The first half will then conclude with a content analysis of three current gay and lesbian travel publications available on different media platforms--Passport Magazine as an online magazine, Man About World as a tablet-only publication, and Connextions Magazine as a print magazine--with the intent to show that the articles found within do not address the plight of gay and lesbian travelers and residents in hostile destinations.

The second half of this thesis will be an attempt to highlight three destinations in particular that might present difficulties for gay and lesbian travelers, with their categorization falling under the heading of past, present, and future. Included will be a discussion of homosexuality under Nazi Germany as an example of past problems, specifically what is it like for a gay and lesbian visitor to travel to a place where homosexuals were formerly persecuted. For the present day there will be a study of the example of Russia and the Winter Olympics, and how little coverage this event is receiving in gay and lesbian travel publications, despite the fact that many gay people are traveling there. Finally there will be an analysis of the case of Uganda and its anti-homosexuality legislation, and what this could mean for future gay and lesbian travelers to this country. Ultimately this thesis will conclude that while gay and lesbian travel publications should absolutely include recommendations for hotels and nightlife, if they do not include information on places that might be considered hostile or dangerous for gay and lesbian travelers, they are ultimately doing to their readers a disservice by delivering an incomplete product.