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Political Science


John Mollenkopf

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Economic Policy | Other Political Science | Public Affairs | Public Policy | Social Policy | Social Welfare | Urban Studies


Urban Studies, Public Policy, African-American Studies


This research looks at three possible reasons that might help to explain this unfortunate exodus. The first approach is through health and examines trends in environmental, mental and physical (general) health. I will explore statistics involving the health and well-being of Central Brooklyn, how the environment plays a disparate role in the poor health and lack of access to services of its African-American residents in comparison to other regions in Brooklyn. The second task is to ask how economics or “racial capitalism” plays a role by looking at gentrification, cooperative economics, and the income inequality in Black Central Brooklyn. The last topic considered is civic engagement in the form of voter participation, the ways in which 5 | P a g e public policies have negatively affect the livelihood of the area’s Black population, and how elected officials also contributed to their decline.