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Liberal Studies


Roslyn Bologh

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Comparative Politics | International Relations | Jurisprudence | Models and Methods | Other International and Area Studies | Other Political Science | Peace and Conflict Studies | Political History | Political Theory | Politics and Social Change | Social History


Cosmopolitan Democracy, Globalization, World Economic System, Capitalism Reevaluated, Global Institutions, global governance


This thesis examines cosmopolitan democracy theory as a method of addressing the problems of globalization. I begin by introducing the concept of “cosmopolitan democracy.” I then proceed to discuss contemporary political climate and its relation to critiques of globalization. Finally, I conclude by examining the elaborations of cosmopolitan democracy by various theorists as a way of addressing these problems. Chapter 1 introduces the work of David Held who introduced the concept in his book, Cosmopolitan Democracy and the Global Order: Reflections on the 20th Anniversary of Kant’s “Perpetual Peace.” Cosmopolitan democracy refers to global governance through democratic theory. Held illustrates the shortcomings of current global institutions such as the United Nations and Bretton Woods Institutes with regard to addressing problems in a democratic manner caused by globalization. Chapter 2 discusses contemporary political climate through the rebirth of nationalism and the role of the globalization in these matters. Chapter 3 elaborates on the theory of cosmopolitan democracy by examining four major interpretations and elaborations of this theory as alternatives to solving global problems. It ends with my concluding thoughts.