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Liberal Studies


Eugenia Paulicelli

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Digital Communications and Networking | Digital Humanities | Fashion Business | Liberal Studies | Marketing | Sales and Merchandising


Augmented Reality, Fashion, Merchandising, Marketing, Consumer, Experience


There is a continuous and constant transformation in the field of Augmented Reality (AR), both in the Retail, and the Manufacturing sector. It has started to influence everything from fashion runway shows to online shopping. Consumers dynamics have shifted in the fashion industry, the ways becoming more dominant than the old observant ones- the simple buying experience no longer satisfies them. Due to the emergence of the new digital platforms and technological enhancements, the consumers are looking for more- be it a more exciting buying experience or more user interaction or more enhanced products. This technological change starts with the consumer where Augmented Reality is being used to make fashion more accessible to the people. The future of fashion merchandising is to exploit AR platforms further, to make the whole buying experience digital. There is a lot of potential for AR not only in fashion merchandising on online platforms but also in the showrooms. But it is to be remembered, that this technological shift will cause the industry to miss the ‘human element’ eventually.