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International Migration Studies


Jeremy Porter

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Migration Studies | Race and Ethnicity


migration, informality, resiliency, transportation, Chinese American, New York City


Community resiliency begins at the local level. This explores the intersection of urban resiliency with the strength of community transit networks by evaluating the extensive Chinese immigrant inter-borough commuter van system in New York City. How should the city better empower and utilize existing immigrant transit and support networks in its strategic planning in response to disaster relief, recovery, and resiliency? More broadly, how can cities harness the realities of the 21st century - migration and climate change - and realize their potential to improve accessibility and reach in disaster relief? Better understanding the way the van system works within the community and links geographically distant neighborhoods underscores how immigrant neighborhoods bring different corners of the city together, which on a local level provides additional legitimacy to existing networks of support in migrant communities. I recommend that informality and im/migrant systems are recognized and supported through New York City's recovery and resiliency efforts of OneNYC, and as a model for other global cities, to embed supporting existing networks in im/migrant communities into disaster preparedness.