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Capstone Project

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Liberal Studies


Lisa Rhody

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Digital Humanities


Black Economic Empowerment


This digital capstone project is rooted in urban studies and digital humanities; my aim is to explore Black Economic Empowerment and how education in our urban communities will advance our community’s battle for socioeconomic mobility. In this study the word education will represent the sharing of information within urban communities. This website will take a detailed look at the power of ownership, community organizations, and local businesses through text, audio recordings, video clips and archives. I chose to share this information through a website because education and community health, provided through a digital domain, have the potential to heal some of the scars that have been thrust upon people in urban communities. Through this digital platform I see the ability to connect with millions of people in urban communities throughout the world about community collaboration.

The research in this website, about Black Economic Empowerment, is broken down into 3 categories: community, opportunity, and self-efficacy. The possibility for urban communities to gain financial literacy, market diverse skills sets, and gain knowledge about their rights as citizens of the United States of America will be promulgated as an essential part of growth in urban communities. This project explores education through sharing information in the community, as a fundamental means of achieving socioeconomic mobility. This digital capstone website project will identify several aspects of Black Economic Empowerment through categories and segments created in an open-source content management system known as Word Press. I will attempt to incorporate articles, music, poetry, videos, and data visualizations to strengthen my argument that hood education is significant to socioeconomic mobility, which creates Black Economic Empowerment. The objective of this digital capstone project (website) is to provide a narrative through academic sources, as well as social references, which in turn should initiate conversations between scholars, activists, and community leaders, as well as everyday people, about the importance of Black Economic Empowerment in urban communities.

By providing this information about educating our urban communities about Black Economics Empowerment, I hope to build community awareness through literacy as well as exposure to resources. The opportunity to use this information to raise the bar in urban communities is the purpose of this information. By creating awareness we shed light on the vicious socioeconomic cycle that has unfortunately left many of the people in urban communities arid. Subsequently this website was built to provide reliable information to online communities, as we cultivate new forms of Black Economic Empowerment for the uplifting of our urban communities as a whole. Here is the URL:


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