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Women's and Gender Studies


Dagmar Herzog


KAMER, women’s rights NGO, Turkey, state, AKP, feminist


This thesis explores the multifaceted nature of positionality of feminist NGOs and their collaborative relationship with the state, focusing particularly on the case of KAMER, a women’s rights NGO in Turkey. By analyzing the interviews and the fieldwork conducted in the summer of 2018, this study finds that the domain of KAMER’s work, the region in which it operates and the urgency of the needs it caters to necessitates collaboration not only with the state but also with its repressive apparatuses, though the organization can instrumentalize these to further their feminist mission. In order to demonstrate this the following thesis analyzes the gender politics of the current government and, in Foucauldian terms, its technologies and the ways in which they have been deployed; and finally exposes the relationship between KAMER and the state, elucidating the exceptionality of KAMER as a feminist NGO operating in an AKP-dominated political and social landscape.