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Martha Whetsell

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Claudette Gordon

Carole Baraldi

William Gallo

Catherine Georges

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Nursing | Other Nursing | Public Health and Community Nursing


Spirituality, Caribbean men, chronic illness, phenomenology, nursing, Roy Adaptation Model


This is a qualitative phenomenological study exploring the lived experience of spirituality in the lives of English-speaking Caribbean men, aged 40-60 years old, living with chronic illness and residing in the United States. In this study Caribbean men living with chronic illness are asked to reflect on their lived experiences and evolution of the experienced phenomenon of spirituality. A purposive sample of eleven English-speaking men from the Caribbean, living with chronic illness were recruited and interviewed for this study. Max van Manen’s 1997 Methodological Structure of Human Science Research was used as the phenomenological guide. The exploration uncovered 4 essential themes of life experiences, higher being, belonging and adaptation, concluding that through the lived experience of spirituality Caribbean men experience an outcome of adaptation to chronic illness. The Roy Adaptation Model (RAM) 1970, 1990, 2009, was identified as the nursing framework fitting to help in the understanding of the process of adaptation of Caribbean men to chronic illness through the self-concept mode of spirituality.