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Urban Education


Anthony Picciano

Committee Members

David Bloomfield

David Chapin

Subject Categories

Environmental Design | Environmental Studies | Higher Education | Sociology | Urban Studies and Planning


Campus Design, Green Space, Stress, Scholarly Identity, Belonging


This mixed methods research study examines factors that influence the development of scholarly identity at a community college campus. It uses survey methods and a focus group with undergraduate students at the Bronx Community College (BCC) campus to examine how campus design relates to a sense of belonging, the process of reflection, and the development of a scholarly identity. Academic attrition and low performance are challenges at urban community colleges. The study aims to address how campus design, specifically green space, impacts undergraduate students at a community college. It seeks to better understand the experience of the diverse student population at CUNY, while informing discourse on how campus design works to promote belonging, allow for reflection, and develop scholarly identity.

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