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Liberal Studies


Stephen Brier

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Comparative and Historical Linguistics | Curriculum and Social Inquiry | Discourse and Text Linguistics | Educational Leadership | Educational Methods | Education Policy | Higher Education | Policy Design, Analysis, and Evaluation | Policy History, Theory, and Methods | Public Administration | Semantics and Pragmatics | Social Policy | Typological Linguistics and Linguistic Diversity | Urban Studies


Free Academy, City University of New York, Community College, Open Admissions, Affordability, Demographic


This paper displays the objectives of public higher education in New York City and their relation to changes in the city. Public higher education in New York City relies on the support of the public. This paper details adjustments to the lexicon of the school in response to changing demographics and historical events by examining statements provided by the school during different periods. Changes to the lexicon relating to class, gender, race, ethnicity, and military service are examined in relation to their historical context. Sources examined in this paper include commission reports, student newspapers, and mission statements. The paper finds that public higher education in New York City has adjusted its lexicon in response to historical changes as a method of maintaining public confidence.

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